Mr. Nimesh Shah

With nearly 40 years in International Freight Forwarding & Custom Brokering coupled with extensive travel, strongly believes that it is because of a niche segment of Logistics that mankind is advancing as modern civilization and if we want to continue to do so, we need to create a society where we have enough trained personnel in the area of Logistics and Forwarding management.

Mr. Samir Shah

With over 30 years in this field is a top-notch icon in the field of Logistics and Forwarding solutions. He has extensively traveled within India and worldwide and has an insider view of the Logistics scenario in India today – be it inland or port. He believes that with the ever-growing population and high demand of accurate and efficient manpower, world class Logistics and Forwarding services offer ample opportunity to flourish in this area of professional expertise.

Ms. Veena Shah

With over 20 years of Industry exposure and active participation at International events, believes that Logistics is a great area for women to be in and excel.

Ms. Bharati Shah

With over 18 years of industry exposure coupled with extensive travel believes that the human angle of Logistics still remains the most important element in Logistics.