Author Name : Kishor Bhatt

About :

Mr. Kishor H Bhatt is B. Com. (Hons.), LL.B., C.A.I.I.B. and a Chartered Member of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, London.
Mr. Bhatt is a retired Bank Executive from Bank of Baroda with a sound experience of more than 37 years as an operational banker (29 Years), and as a trainer (8 Years). He has worked as the Principal of the Bank’s exclusive Training College N. M. Chokshi College of International Banking and New Financial Services, Mumbai (The only College of its kind in the entire Banking sector in India), where top cadre people like Bank executives, Exporters, Importers, CBI Officers, Chartered / Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries, etc., were trained in the various technicalities of the International Trade.

Mr. Bhatt has single handed, organized the Seminars for the Exporter & Importer constituents of the Bank at various centers throughout in India. Mr. Bhatt has also organized number of FOREIGN EXCHNAGE BOURSE programs (important and prestigious training programme in the area of EXCHANGE DEALINGS). He has organizing number of training programmes for the bankers, customers, students, etc. and has conducted training programmes for C.A.I.I.B Examinations. Mr. Bhatt has also worked as Chief Examiner at the Indian Institute of Bankers, Mumbai and has a rich experience as Moderator, Paper setter, Paper Examiner for various examinations conducted by Indian Institute of Bankers, Mumbai.

Mr. Bhatt also worked as a Branch Manager for a firm of an International Currency Dealer.

During the carrier with the Bank, Mr. Bhatt has received 17 trainings at reputed institutions and enjoys India wide reputation as a sound advisor where all the aspects of FOREX business are taken care of.
At present, Mr. Bhatt is working as a consultant in International Business and also a visiting faculty, delivering lectures at various training institutes of Commerce / Commercial Banks, Co-operative Banks, Colleges (Particularly MBA Programmes), etc.

Mr. Bhatt has number of projects to his credit, like:-
• Project Work at Bank:-

  • Bank Publications:-

  (i)  Non Resident Accounts (Year 1984),
  (ii)  Letters of Credit (Year 1984),
  (iii)  Export Credit and Interest Subsidy Scheme (Year 1984).

  • Devising of Desk Cards for Foreign Exchange Department (Year 1986) and updating in the year 1996.
  • Check-list for the inspection and Audit of the Authorised Branches. (Year 1996) (As per the instructions of the Bank’s Central Inspection & Audit Department, Mumbai and updating in the year 2001.
  • Up- Dating Book of Instructions (Internal Manual of Procedures)


Foreign Exchange & Non Resident accounts in the year 1984, 1996 & in 2004.

(The last updating in 2004 has been done by me after my retirement from the Bank on an out sourcing basis.)

• Author:-

  • Finance of Foreign Trade & Foreign Exchange (For CAIIB)
  • Commercial Law (For CAIIB)
  • Documentary Letters of Credit – Concern for Importers, Exporters & Bankers (Bank of Baroda publication)
  • Study Pack on Foreign Exchange for promotion exercise
  • Accounting Course – 666 Pages + Annexure

• Co-author:-    Clearance through Indian Customs