JBS Academy believes in continuous learning from various and multiple sources. To achieve the same JBS Academy is building up a library with a vision to be one of the best-equipped libraries in logistics education field. All can use the JBS Academy library free of cost. However, for now, no one is permitted to take books out of the Academy.

A list of books available at JBS Academy library.

Name of Book Authors
Convention issue ACAAI ACAAI News
Airfreight Forwarding Singapore Logistics association
Report on Proposed (Air Cargo Complex) -
International Cargo Agents Training Programme IATA\FIATA Introductory Course Book 3 - Units 6-9 IATA Training & Development Institute
International Cargo Agents Training Programme IATA\FIATA Introductory Course Book 4 - Units 10-11 IATA Training & Development Institute
Training Editions IATA Training & Development Institute
International Cargo Agents Training Programme IATA Training & Development Institute
International Cargo Agents Training Programme IATA\FIATA Introductory Course Book 1 Units 1-3 Airfreight Institute
Training Editions OAG Worldwide Cargo Guide
International Cargo Agents Training Programme IATA\FIATA Introductory Course Book 2 Units 4-5 Airfreight Institute
International Cargo Agents Training Programme IATA\FIATA Introductory Course Airfreight Institute
International Cargo Agents Training Programme Paper 1
International Cargo Agents Training Programme Paper 2
Western Cape Vineyard The Legend of Pinotage Vitis Vinifera
Air Cargo Guide Prof. Hans-Helmut Grandjot
Extremely Flammable (A Fiata Introduction to the Regulations for the Safe Handling and Transport of Dangerous Goods International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
Name of Book Authors
The World Atlas ttk
The Atlas of Indian States ttk
Name of Book Authors
Bill Gates Business @The Speed of Thought Bill Gates
Gujarat Infrastructure Gujarat Infrastructure Devlopement Board
Indian Vision 2020 Associated CCII
Indian Textiles 2015 Jay Narayan Vyas
Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Competitiveness Keshab Das
SME clusters of Gujarat K.K. Shaw
Dictionary of Management Daniel Hartzell
Dictionary of Business Navin Chand Jain
Name of Book Authors
Handbook for Custom Clearance Samir J. Shah
Learn Customs Law in Objective Types C.R Seethabathy
Customs Systems D.K Acharyya
ICC Banking Commission OPINIONS 2005 -2008 Gary Collery
Ahmedabad Gateway for Movement of International Cargo Ahmedabad Custom House Agent's Association
Ahmedabad Gateway for Movement of International Cargo Ahmedabad Custom House Agent's Association
Course Code No. Cus .8 Export - Drawback and Export Related Schemes National Academy of Customs Excise and Narcotics
Customs Valuation T.N.C.Rajagopalan
ACHAA Fourth Training Programme -
Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations 2004 R.R. Radhakrishnan
Valuation Bulletin Directorate of Valuation
Directorate of Valuation (Import Prices) Directorate of Valuation
The Custom House Agent Exam Guide 2011 K.R.Bhargava
The G Card Exam Guide K.R. Bhargava
Customs Law & Procedures- Simplified Vishnu Sippy
Clearance Through Indian Customs Naval H Mehta
Customs Procedures and Functioning of Container Freight Station and Ports -
A National Valuation database as a risk assessment tool -
WCO Trends and Patterns Report - a Capacity Building estimate "The Imlpementation Path" -
WCO Trends and Patterns Report - a Capacity Building estimate "Moving from words to action" -
Compendium of Integrity Best Practices -
Revised Kyoto Convention -
WCO SAFE Framework of Standards -
WCO Trends and Patterns Report - a Capacity Building estimate "From Words to Action Implementation" -
Integrity Development (Guide) -
Customs Manual on Self-Assessment-2011 -
Customs Manual 2012 -
SERVICE TAX At a glance -
Report on The Non Tariff Barriers Faced by Indian Pharmaceuticals companis in China -
Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations 2004 -
Kyoto Convention, Custom Control -
Training Programme on Role of Custom Houe Agents & Customs Procedures -
Course on Customs Law & Procedures Naval H Mehta
Fachwissen fur Speditionsund Logistikkaufleute Michael Blaufub
Customs Tarriff 52nd Edi. -
Customs Tarriff 31st Edi. -
Customs Tarriff 28th Budget Edi. -
Customs Tarriff 27th Budget Edi. -
Customs Tarriff 44th Edi. -
Customs Tarriff 30th Budget Edi.e -
Customs Tarriff 29th Edi. -
Customs Tarriff 37th Edi. -
Customs Tarriff 38th Budget Edi. -
Customs Tarriff 49th Edi. -
Customs Tarriff 46th Edi. -
Program on Export - Import Documentation AMA
Clearance throgh Indian Customs Naval H Mehta
Export by sea Neha Kulkerni
Concise Guide for Chalr Examination J.Srinivasa Rao
The Custom Act , 1962 -
The Gujarat -
Diplomatist Plus -
G Card Exam Guide K.R.Bhargava
Question Bank for Oral Exams (G Card & Oral Exams) B. K. Babu
Documentary Letters of Credit Concern for Importers, Exporters & Bankers Shri Kishor Bhatt
How to Handle Customs Problems P. Veera Reddy
Zoll-ABC fur Spediteure -
Haftung & Versicherung -
Name of Book Authors
International Business K Aswathappa
Meis Manual -
Export Management D C Kapoor
Name of Book Authors
gal handbook on Forwarding Peter Jones
The Law of Freight Forwarding Jan Ramberg
Fed Ex Delivers Madan Birla
Charterparty Capt. Dara E. Driver
Bills of Lading Capt. Dara E. Driver
Laytime Calculations Capt. Dara E. Driver
Code of Abbreviations International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
Leagal Handbook on Forwarding (Fiata) 4th Edition Peter Jones
The Law of Freight Forwarding ( Fiata) Jan Ramberg
DDR Verkehr Zur Fiata - Regionalkonferenz Dresden
Forwarder -
Shipping Lines and Forwarders Country Report of Iran -
The Log.India Year Book 2008 A DVV Media Group Publicaton
Membership List Liste Des Members 2010 Confederation of Belgian Freight Forwarders
Gujarat International Finance Tech-City -
Code of Abbreviations FIATA
Statistical Pocket Book Central Statistical Organisation
Pocket Wrold Atlas S. Ravi
Manual On Freight Forwarding -
Hague Visby Rules Capt. Dara E. Driver
Glossarium Transport and Forwarding Terms FIATA
The Fairplay Book of Shipping Abbreviations Peter Kapoor
Development of Multi-modal freight logistics park at khodiyar - Container Terminal CONCOR
The Law of Transport Operators Jan Ramberg
Cargo Management Manoj Dixit
Multi Model Transport Singapore Logistics association
A text book on Container and Multimodal Trasport Management Dr. K.V Hariharan
Logistics and Shipping Management in Maritime Trade Dr K.V Hariharan
Workshop on Risk Management in Cargo Transportation CII
Handbook of Shipping & Transport M. K. Das
Name of Book Authors
Innovations and Competitiveness in Organisations AMA
Dabawalas Shrinivas Pandit
Shreemad Bhagvadgeeta (Small Book) -
Shreemad Bhagvadgeeta (Medium Book) -
Shreemad Bhagvadgeeta (Big Book) -
A Thought for TODAY -
Great Quotes to rise to the Top Zig Ziglar
Copycat Marketing 101 Burke Hedges
Name of Book Authors
The Story & Glory of Gujarat Government of Gujarat
History of International Trade And Customs Duties in Gujarat Makrand Mehta
Name of Book Authors
Incoterms 2010 (The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Chamber of Commerce
International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) Made Easy Srinivas
Incoterms 2000 International Chamber of Commerce
Incoterms 2010 (The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Chamber of Commerce
Incoterms 2010 Export Costing and Pricing Paras Ram
Glossary of International Customs Terms WCO
Name of Book Authors
Guide To Marine Hull Insurance Capt. Dara E. Driver
Name of Book Authors
The code of civil Procedure P.M. Bakshi
Company's Act 1956 Bharat's
Constitutional Development Prof. G Manoher Rao
Principles of Corporates Finance Law Eilis Ferran
The Law of Torts Justice G.P Singh
Principles of Statutory Interpretation Justice G.P Singh
Legal Research Methodology Dr. S.R Myneni
Manual of Insurance Laws Bharat's
Indian Constitutional Law Prof. M.P Jain
The Constitutional Law of India Dr. J N Pandey
Principles of Insurance Lawe SV Joga Rao
Banking Law & Practice in India M L Tanna's
The Constitution of India P.M Bakshi
Insurance Law Universal law Publications
Random Reflections Justice V.R Krishna Iyer
Precedent in Indian Law A. Lakshminath
Legal Research & Methodology S.K Verma
Law of Insurance Avtar Singh
Clinical Legal Education N.R. Madhava Menon
Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 J.S. Gill
Notes on The Indian Carriage of Goods by sea act, 1925 Capt. Dara E. Driver
International Conference on Delhi - Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) Assocham
The Customs Act , 1962 -
The Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 -
The Indian Ports Act, 1908 (15 of 1908) Professional Book Publishers
The Major Port Trusts Act, 1963 -
Export Documentation Part-II AMA
The Customs Act , 1962 -
Compendium of Articles Rajendranath Bharati
Draft Constitution, by Laws, Rules an Regulation of The Chartered Institute of Logistic and Transport in India -
Customs Tarriff Act (2) -
Foreign Trade Policy (Part - A) Anand Garg
Foreign Trade Policy (Part - B) Anand Garg
The Finance Bill at a glance - 2013 Talati and Talati ( CA )
the constitution ,1950 -
The Law Of Contract Nilima Chandiramani
The Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act.2005 -
Commentary on Negative list based Service tax Monish Bhalla
FAQ's on negative list based service tax Monish Bhalla
The Railways Act 1989 Amit Nanda
Name of Book Authors
Logistical Management Donald J Bowersox
Transport Logistics Issa Baluch
Logistics Management S.K Bhattacharyya
Intermodel Logistics Unlocking Value -
Logistics Management Vinod V Sople
Logistics Management Reji Ismail
Logistics Management Dr. B K Roy Chowdhury
Transport Logistics The Wheel of Commerce Issa Baluch
Multi Model Logistics 2003 Container Corporation of India Ltd.
Tranport Logistic 2007 Neue Messe Munchem
Envisioning Devlopment Opportunities in Transport and Logistics in South Asia The Synergy of Public Private Partenerships
Logistics Policy -
Humanitarian Logistics Martin Christoper
Logistics, an Untapped Opportunity -
Logistic Sector The Rising Star -
Training Programme on Global Trade operations, Logistic & Shipping -
Logistics Game Changers ( Transforming India's Logistic Industry CII
Human Resouce , Skill gap Report NSDC
India Transport Report, Moving India to 2032 Volume -1 Executive Summary -
India Transport Report, Moving India to 2032 Volume -2 Main Report Part -1 -
India Transport Report, Moving India to 2032 Volume -2 Main Report Part -2 -
India Transport Report, Moving India to 2032 Volume - 3 Sector Reports -
Name of Book Authors
24 Brand Mantras Jagdeep Kapoor
Brand Serve Jagdeep Kapoor
Sell Like A Great Man, Give Service Like A Madman Jagdish Joshi
Name of Book Authors
Developing Power Point Presentation Ms. Vinita Raj
GRE Premier Program -
The 3 keys to empowerment Ken Blanchard
Ten Rules for strategic Innovators Vijay Govindrajan
The Anatomy of Persuasion Norbert AuBuchon
The Lead Leader Marcus Schaller
On Breakthrough Leadership Harvard Business Review
Interviews with CEO's Harvard Business Review
On Knowledge Mnagement Harvard Business Review
Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps? Allan
Yes or No Spencer Jonshon
The 101 Minute Apology Ken Blanchard
The One Minute Sales Person Spencer Jonshon
Another Bad Day at the Office Jeremy Bullmore
The Concise 48 Law of Power Robert Greene
Transformation to Transcendence Narayana
You Could be a Business Leader N.K. Patel
Organizational Behaviour O. Jeff Harris
Human Resource Management K Aswathappa
Abolishing Tom Coens
How to Write and Speak Better -
The Rules of Work Templar
Wealth From Waste Banwari Lal
Invincible Thinking Ryuho
How to Win Any Arguments Robert Mayer
The Power of the Possible Auriela McCarthy
Managing Irritating People Joseph T Straub
Heal Your Body Louise L. Hay
Dare to Design Your Life Jagdish Joshi
It is Your Business , Make It Big! Jagdish Joshi
Writing Effective Job Descriptions Gene Levine Associates
SUPERVISORY Gene Levine Associates
XYZ Company's POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL. Gene Levine Associates
How To Attract Hold And Motivate People to Work Gene Levine Associates
Specialised Skill Development Centres -
The Ten Commandments for Business Failure Donald R. Keough
Getting Started : Apple Technology for Diverse Learners -
JBS Leadership Programme Suresh Patel
Jack Straight from the gut Jack Welch
Jack Welch Speaks Jenet Lowe
Draft Your Owm Business Letters Kay White
Business Letters for Powerful Comminication Sam Philips
Powerful Communication Skills Collen McKenna
Writing Impressive Business Letters Jens Nelson
Unique Letters for all Occasions Madan Sood
Self Letter Drafting Course -
How to Talk Anyone Leil Lowndes
Winning Jack Welch
Become a Complete Champion Michael J Herman
Balako nu Manovishva (Gujarati) Uma Dipak Taraiya
Lesson for life for the youth of India Himanshu Buch
Business Law for Managers -
Legal Environment of Business -
Management would be easy Patricia J Addesso
The Invisible Touch Harry Beckwith
How to become a successful logistics provider Rajendranath Bharati
Dr. Vikram Sarabhai ( A visionary Industrial Enterpreneur ) K. J. Divatia
A Gentleman Raises His Glass John Bridges
A gentleman Pens a Note John Bridges
The Metrosexual Guide to style ( A handbook for the modern man) Michael Floker
How to be a Gentleman ( A contompary guide to common curtesy) John Bridges
A gentleman Gets Dressed up John Bridges
A Gentleman Entertains John Bridges
Win the battles of life and relationship Pushpendra Mehta
Road to success Napoleon Hill
Why Mars & Venus Collide John Gray
The Millionaire Messenger Brendon Burchard
The Present Spencer Jonshon
The Alchemist Paulo Coelho
Get to the Top Suhel Sheth
Manage your Anger Dr. Jitendra Adhiya
Gateways to Self Realisation Narayana
The Power of Positive Thinking Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
No matter what , I Love You Dr.Hansal Bhachech
Unlock your ESP Potential Deepak Rao
You can heal your life Lusie L. Hay
The Answer to Cancer Hari Sharma
Cashflow Quadrant Robert Kiyosaki
How to win Friends and Influence people Dale Carnegie
Gray's Anatomy for Students Richard L. Dranke
Daily Reflections for highly effective Sean Covey
London mini atlas -
A Littele book of Numerology Vijaya Kumar
The 7 habits of highly effective people Stephen R. Covvey
How to get frm where you are to where you want to be Jack Canfield
Coenzyme Q10 and the heart Stephen T. Sintara
Reader's Digest -
Talent Acquisition through Behavioral Interview B.N.Dastoor
HRM in Darsanas ( Ancient Indian Wisdom for Motivation) -
HRM in Darsanas - II ( Ancient Indian Wisdom for Self Development) -
Effective and Successful Sales Person B.N.Dastoor
Management As Perceived by Experts B.N.Dastoor
Emotional Intellegence at Wokplace B.N.Dastoor
Effective Team Building B.N.Dastoor
Stress Management at Workplace B.N.Dastoor
Vyuhatmak Netrytva ( Chankya) Hasmukh Upadhyay
Successful Management of Service Organisations B.N.Dastoor
Politics in Organization Politics in Organization
Secret of Success Swamini Vimal Nanda
Successful and Effective Manager B.N.Dastoor
Winning Habits Narsinhbhai Patel
Seven Steps to Success Narsinhbhai Patel
WHO AM I Swami Anubhavananda
Groom Thyself : The Chankya Way Ashok R Garde
The Stairway To Excellence Narayana
Seeds of Excellence Narayana
Politics , A Fact of Life in Organization B.N.Dastoor
Managing Organisational Change Gujarat Venture Finance Ltd.
Managing Organisational Conflict B.N.Dastoor
Performance, Planning, Analysis and Review Skills Workbook T.V. Rao
Management & Mahabharata R Narayan
Krishna : The Management Guru Narayana
Time is Money Achal Rangaswamy
Excellence in Education G. Narayana
Teaching Skills Manual Rohitkumar Pandya
Half Glass Full Sanjaykumar Chakraborty
Customer Delight B.N.Dastoor
Positive Attitude for Positive Results Swami Anubhavananda
Either Think or Worry Swami Anubhavananda
Practical Tips For Purposeful Living Gujarat Venture Finance Ltd.
Managing Life Swami Anubhavananda
Management in Daily Life -
Inspiring and Responsible Teacher Narayana
Gandhi Katha by Narayan Desai Narayana Desai
The Effective and Successful Manager B.N.Dastoor
Basic Qualities of an Efficient Manager Swami Anubhavananda
Strategic Leadership Narayana
The Responsible Leader G. Narayana
Noble Leader Narayana
Help ! Helmut W. Horchler
Handbook of Business Letters L.E.Frailey
Cassell's German Dictionary Cassell's Ltd.
Cancer mati sake che (Gujarati book) Dr. Chirag A. Shah
Tamari Karkidi ne Pankho aapo (Gujarati book) Nilesh Mehta
Tandurasti Tamara Hathama -
Meghdoot Rajnikumar Pandya
How to write Reports & Proposals Patrick Forsyth
Taking Minutes of Meetings Joanna Gutmann
How to hold better Meetings Alan Barker
Effective Business Writing Patrick Forsyth
30 Minutes to Boost Your Self-Esteem Patricia Cleghorn
30 Minutes To Get Promoted Diana Cambridge
30 Minutes To Market Yourself Tony Atherton
30 Minutes To Get Your Own Way Patrick Forsyth
The Director's Handbook Martin Webster
The paths to Persuasion Robert B Miller
Managing & Measuring Employee Performance Elizabeth Houldsworth
How They Blew It Jamie Oliver
Electronic Commerce Ministry of Commerce Government of India
Grooming Yourself B. N. Dastoor
The Story & Glory of Gujarat Dr. Preeti Shah
Commercial's GST (The Game Changer Monish Bhalla
Total Fitness Leena Mogre
21 Leadership Lessons of Narendra Damodardas Modi Vijay Jhindal
Make it in India Global CEO's, Indo-US Insights Ranjini Manian
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Dale Carnegie Dorothy Carnegie
How to Enjoy your Life and Your Job Dale Carnegie
The Great Speeches of Modern India Rudrangshu Mukherjee
How Gujaratis do Business - Dhandha Shobha Bondre
How Baniyas do Business - Rokda Nikhil Inamdar
Theory of Karma Hirabhai Thakkar
Principle- Centred Leadership Stephen R. Covey
Documentary Credits D. C. Gardner
Lectures on Company Law S. M. Shah
The Contract Act 1972 -
Axe your Tax and Relax Mukesh M Patel
Samvedna part-1 Jyoti Bhatt
Apna Samaj ni Vividh Vato Urmila Jani
Apna Jivanni vividh vato Upendrabhai Shah
The Art of Successful Life Sri Chandrab
Cancer can be cured Dr.Chirag A.Shah
Awaken Entrepreneurship Spirit - Part 1 Mr. Narsinhbhai K. Patel
The Responsible Leader (A journey through "Gita") G . Narayana
Responsible and inspired volunteer Narayana
The One Minute Manager -
Rank Scorer Upendrabhai Shah
Mid-Career Crists Partha Sarathi Basu
Coaching For Leadership Marshall GoldSmith
English Grammar & Composition Wren & Martin
Legal Language,Legal Writing & General English B.M Gandhi
Use the Right word -
Dictionary (Word Power) -
Dictionary(Difficult Word) -
Dictionary ( H - H - E ) -
Dictionary ( E - H ) -
A Dictionary of Economics P.N Roy
Oxford Essential Business and Office Dictionary -
Dictionary of Technical Terms F.S. Crispin
New Medical Dictionary P.S.Shankar
Webster's Dictionary John Gage Allee
Roget's Thesaurus Peter Mrk Roget
Crossword Dictionary -
Medical Dictionary -
Cambridge Learner's Dictionary -
National Geographic Answer Book Gary E Knell
Name of Book Authors
Port Sector Profile Gujarat Maritime Board
Gujarat Ports ( Special Issue on) Gujarat Maritime Board
Port Infastructure & Ports Saket Publication
Ahead of The Blue Horizon Gujarat Maritime Board
The Ports of Gujarat Gujarat Maritime Board
Towards Maritime Excellence Gujarat Maritime Board
African Review Sunanda Rajendran
Kandla Port Trust Capt. Vivek Bhandarkar
Jotting New Performance Track - Records JNPT Authorities
Indian Ports & Infrastructure Indian Port Authorities
Port of Hambrug Hand book 2006 Port of Hamurg
HHLA Hamburger Hafen Und Logistic AG -
Maritime Economics Martin Stopford
Jawaharlal Nehru Port Transworld Publications
West Coast India Ports -
Information by Country Region Africa/Middle East FIATA
Port Policy -
Collyer Consulting -
Energy Efficieency And Ships Indra Nath Bose
Gujarat State Ports Traffic Review 1968-69 Government of Gujarat
Docks & Harbour Engineering Dr. S.P . Chandra
Major Ports of Indian a Profile 2013-14 Indian Port Assosiation
Infrastructure and Ports -
Name of Book Authors
Ahmedabad-Dholera Conceptualization of a Special Investment Region -
Vibrant Spaces Nishit Trivedi
Gujarat Infrastructure Shaping a Benchmark Economy -
Special Economic Zones/ EOUs/ EHTPs & STPs (Volume -1 ) C. P. Goyal
Special Economic Zones/ EOUs/ EHTPs & STPs (Volume -2 ) C. P. Goyal
Foreign Trade Management Internship report Vandita Bomb
Report of Training on Foreign Trade Management Simol Jain
Secreterial Report FFFAI FFFAI
Warehouse Compendium SCMpro
FFFAI Members Handbook FFFAI
Name of Book Authors
A Pocket Book of Definitions in Shiping and Logistics Mihir Das
Container and Multimodel Transport Management Dr. K.V Hariharan
Shipping Management G Raghuram
Notes on Principal Shipping Organization Capt. Dara E. Driver
Shipping Practice Edward F Stevens
Voyage Estimate of Bulk Carriers and Tankers Capt. Dara E. Driver
International conference on The Rotterdam Rules Hague
Sea Freight Forwarding Singapore Logistics association
Laws of Carriage of goods by Sea and Multimodel Transport in India Dr K.V Hariharan
Business Update Conterization
Seamanship Techniques DJ House
Certificate/IATA/Sea Cargo Documentation IATA Training & Development Institute
Cargo Work for Maritime Operations David J. House
Trends in Containerized cargo trade from and to Gujarat Kingshook Ghosh
Containerization - Building Global Trade Competitiveness G.Raghuram
Containerized Marine Trade of Gujarat based Exporters and Importers CII
Containerisation, Multimodal Transport & Infrastructure Development In India Dr. K.V Hariharan
Hazardous Training Material (DG by Sea) By IMTC
Shipping Practice Edward F Stevens
A Project Report On ICD Operations Mihir Das
Elements of Shipping Alan E. Branch
Shipping Practice Edward F Stevens
Name of Book Authors
Logistics an Untapped Opportunity Team of T2P Consultants Limited
International Dictionary of Finance Graham Bannock
Supplement to the Concise Guide for Chalr Examination J.Srinivasa Rao
Pocket World Atlas S. Ravi
Trains At A Glance Indian Railway
Zonal Road Atlas of India Fabiola Jacob
North - West Region Concor
Reference Material -
BASIC TIME STUDY Gene Levine Associates
Roadmap to Android Utpal Betai
Concise Guide for CHA LR Examination J.Srinivasa Rao
Mac OS X Support Essentials Second Edition Kevin M. White
Unwin Hyman Dictionary of Medicine Robert M. Youngson
ICC Guide to Export/Import Guillermo C Jimenez
Indian Shipping Directory Srinivas & Karimula Babu
IACC Members Directory 2012 -
Vibrant Gujarat Ready Reckoner 2010 -
Indian Warehousing Handbook 2016 -
Oxford A-Z English Usage Jeremy Butterfield
Great World Atlas -
Atlas of the world -
Carriage Of Goods Zby Sea And Multimodal Transport Nilima Chandiramani
Name of Book Authors
Ahmedabad-Dholera Conceptualization of a Special Investment Region -
Vibrant Spaces Nishit Trivedi
Gujarat Infrastructure Shaping a Benchmark Economy -
Special Economic Zones/ EOUs/ EHTPs & STPs (Volume -1 ) C. P. Goyal
Special Economic Zones/ EOUs/ EHTPs & STPs (Volume -2 ) C. P. Goyal
Foreign Trade Management Internship report Vandita Bomb
Report of Training on Foreign Trade Management Simol Jain
Secreterial Report FFFAI FFFAI
Warehouse Compendium SCMpro
FFFAI Members Handbook FFFAI
Name of Book Authors
Toyota Supply Chain Management Ananth V Iyer
Supply Chain Management Sarika kulkarni
Supply Chain Management Sunil Chopra
Logistics and supply chain management Anurag Saxene
Supply Chain Management for Compititive Advantage Narayan Rangaraj
Name of Book Authors
Warehouse Practices Singapore Logistics association
Materials Management P. Gopalkrishnan
Introduction to Material Management J.R Tony Arnold
Stores Management K S Menon
Store Keeping and Purchasing R. Sharma
The Warehouse Handbook Dive India Enterprise Solutions Limited
Storange Solution -
Warehouse Management Gwynne Richards
Name of Book Authors
Practical Tax and Investment Planning Mukesh M Patel