JBS Academy Pvt. Ltd. conducts weekend training session on the ‘Hazards of transporting Dangerous Goods by Sea’ in accordance with the IMDG code

JBS Academy Pvt. Ltd. (JBSAPL), Gujarat’s only recognised vocational institute providing training in logistics, Maritime and Management studies has conceptualised a weekend training session on “Carriage of Dangerous Goods during Sea Transit” for professionals and students in the industry. Scheduled to be held on July 28 and 29, the course is designed on the basis of the universally accepted International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code, and will cover major instructions as laid by the guidelines, such as classification of dangerous goods, acceptable quantity, amendments to the code, its practical uses, etc.


The objective of the course is to enhance the vigilance of industrial professionals towards the dangers of transporting hazardous goods, by providing adequate practical knowledge regarding efficient management of such goods. This will entail a comprehensive detailing of the IMDG code. The session will also highlight the importance of proper documentation when handling dangerous goods.


“Goods such as explosives, highly inflammable gases, combustible or self-reactive solids, etc. are subject to dangers during transit such as variations in temperature, change in climate, geography, or leaks or breaks, causing mortal perils to professionals and transporters. Therefore every logistics personnel have to be better equipped for future contingencies. With this course, JBSAPL has taken a step towards ensuring the safety of the numerous organised and unorganised workers who risk their lives. The flexible weekend schedule of the course will enable not just students, but working professionals too, to attend the course; it is especially imperative for the professional bodies actively involved in the trade to understand the importance of proper implementation of precautions during transit,” said Samir J. Shah, Director and Mentor, JBS Academy.


The session conducted by Capt. Ravi Kumar Iyer, Training Superintendent at International Maritime Training Centre at Mumbai, will also be beneficial for EXIM Executives, Shipping Company Personnel, Custodian’s Staff, Freight Forwarders Customs Brokers, etc. The course will also highline the essentials of transportation of dangerous goods, such as packaging, marking, labelling and marking of dangerous goods and marine pollutants, shipping papers and dangerous goods manifest, stowage and segregation, emergency response and first aid in an eventuality, etc. for all personnel involved in handling, documentation, carrying or involved in any way with dangerous cargoes.