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Exchange Rate Mechanism and Forex Risk Management



Book Description

With the rise in the International Business, there has been a vide scale movements of goods and services involving large volume of currency conversions. The time to time market developments result into large scale movements in the currency exchange rates. Also, various innovative derivative products developed in the International Markets create lasting effects on the exchange rates. It is an important function of the Finance Manager of the Company active in an International Trade to study the time to time market developments and frame the policies in tune with the changing world requirements.

Important Contents

  • Evolution of international Currency markets and establishment of exchange rate mechanism
  • International trade and balance of payment concepts
  • Functions of the ‘Integrated Treasury’ and exchange rate mechanism
  • Introduction to derivatives
  • Derivative products (Brief Idea)
  • Forex risk management
  • Accounting standard (AS) 11
  • Case study
  • Glossary

ISBN – 13 : 978-8193234266


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