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Guide to Commercial practices of Indian Railways




Book Description

This book has its genesis in a series of lectures Shri. H. S. Duggal (M. A. IRTS) has been giving on Railway’s Commercial Working. He has explained the concepts in clear and lucid manner that are easy to understand. I am sure that this book will be of great value to all users.

The book covers

  • Introduction of Indian Railways
  • Organisation of Commercial Department of Indian Railways
  • Laws Relevant to Railways
  • Booking of Goods Traffic
  • Types of Wagons & Trains
  • Calculation of Freight
  • Movement Principles & Payment Cycle
  • Packing , Labelling , Marking , Sealing
  • Delivery of Goods
  • Claim Prevention & Claim Settlement
  • Railway Sidings
  • Port Rail Connectivity
  • Freight Marketing
  • Railway & PPP
  • Use of I. T. Railway
  • Case Study of Mundra Port Railway


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