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International Business part -1 & 2



Book Description

With the world wide introduction of the process of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization there has been an unprecedented rise in the International Business. Number of new and innovative methods for the international business has been developed in India. Along with the rise in the business, there has also been rise in the International Financial frauds and mischief. For a successful entrepreneur, engaged in an international trade, it is essential to be aware and he should be fully geared up to implement all steps for getting a success in the International Trade.

Important Contents

  • Fundamentals of International Business
  • Foreign Exchange Management in India
  • Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
  • Glimpses of Foreign Trade Policy
  • Export of Goods and Services From India
  • Import of Goods and Services in India
  • Trade Payments – (Payment Methods) and Documentary (Bills) on Collection
  • Letters of Credit Mechanism
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Documents in Foreign Trade
  • Transport Documents in Foreign Trade Index
  • Incoterms-2010
  • Marine Insurance
  • Glossary (Acronyms)

ISBN – 13 : 978-8193234259


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