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International Financial Management



Book Description

The finance is an important factor in the International Trade. With the wind of globalization, opening of the world economies and betterment of telecommunication facilities has created an arena of keen competition in the world markets. In addition to the betterment of the product, world-wide, there has also been an acute need to ensure the competitive price for the product. as a result, there have been large scale innovations in the financing of the foreign trade. Considering the risk aspects and search for cheap, timely and easy availability of finance has become an important job role of the Finance Manager of the company.

Important Contents

  • Introduction to trade finance
  • Financial Markets
  • Methods of payment in international trade
  • The banking scenario
  • The trade finance products
  • Project exports
  • Facilities offered by government of India , The Project Exports Promotion Council of India and the EXIM Bank of India
  • Guarantees in foreign trade (bank guarantees)
  • Export – Import finance
  • Facilities offered by ECGC Limited
  • Case study

ISBN – 13 : 978-8193234266


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