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Nikashkaro ane Shakhpatra (Gujarat)



Book Description

The Letters of Credit has been viewed as the safe mode for the transaction both by the exporter as well as by the importers, the experiences show that on occasions, the parties to the transaction do not understand the LC mechanism in proper spirit and have to undergo the problems.

It is essential for all those who are enthusiastic about monitoring their trade transactions within the country or beyond the national boundaries, to understand the intricacies of the LC Mechanism well in the initial stage itself.

From the exporter’s point of view the Letter of Credit is an Export LC, whereas, from the Importer’s angle it is the Import LC. However, there are certain differentiating aspects and accordingly, two separate publications as under have emerged.

  1. Exporters and Letters of Credit,
  2. Importers and Letters of Credit.

The efforts are made in the publication, to provide a basic understanding of the intricacies of the Letters of Credit (LC) Mechanism for the exporters.

Go for the book, the book shall be of immense use to all those who are concerned with the trade and commerce.


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