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Port sector is growing & it is growing very fast. There are immense possibilities to excel. As of date this business is extremely competitive and the new generation who had so far never thought of joining this sector of Maritime Trade, are coming forward and they dream of being a part of the Global bandwagon of building & managing Mega Ports in India. There are immense opportunities for competent Port Managers in both India & abroad.

The overall focus of the book is to guide a person to be a “wholesome port manager” who can have the critical instruments of management at his disposal to enable him to conceptualize the intricacies of the business, define multiple requirements, design facilities – synergistically, monitor performance, focus on finance, plan equipment & asset acquisition & finally run a port with confidence.

The book has many chapters and each chapter can be a book. Author has restrained himself only to primarily practical aspects (and mostly in the Indian context) & the current scenario rather than extensive description of theories.
This book covers nearly all facets of Port Management which will be very useful to the practicing Managers, new entrants as well to the student community.

The book covers

  • Ports – an introduction
  • Role of Changing Ship Technology
  • Port Approaches and Navigation
  • Dredging and Port
  • Berths and Terminals
  • Cargo and Cargo Handling
  • Port Administration Ownership and Management
  • Port Policy
  • Performance Management
  • Port Workers
  • Port Management Information Systems
  • Ports in Logistics Chain
  • Port Finance
  • Port Strategy and Marketing
  • Information Technology in Port
  • Legal Framework & Compliances in Ports
  • Port Project Planning & Implementation
  • Training in Port
  • Safety & Quality in Ports
  • Security in Ports

ISBN – 13 : 978-935212554


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