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Rotterdam Rules for International Carriage



Book Description

Use of water route for the transportation of cargo is a business since time immemorial. About all countries of the world are carrying their large volume of transportation of cargo by the sea routes. It is a convenient, cheap and established mode of transportation. With the passage of time, many technicalities have been involved in the area of sea transportation. The conflicting interests between the Carriers and the Shippers have led the different countries to frame appropriate regulations to protect and define the rights and obligations of the Carriers and the Shippers. In an attempt to frame the Uniform Regulations, the world over, various Conferences have been held from time to time. The knowledge of such Conferences and Conventions is necessary for all those Carriers and the Shippers who are using the ocean route for their cargo transportation.

Important Contents

  • The Hague Rules
  • The Hamburg Rules
  • Rotterdam Rules
  • Obligations and liabilities of maritime performing parties
  • Delivery of the goods
  • Rights of the controlling party
  • Differentiation between Hague-Visby Rules, Hamburg Rules and Rotterdam Rules
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Deck Cargo-Hamburg Rules Article 9 Rotterdam Rules Article 25
  • Definitions Under Rotterdam Rules

ISBN – 13 : 978-8193434536


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