Bill of Lading

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The Bill of Lading is a document of title to deliver the cargo at destination port and an evidence of contract of carriage by sea. It is ‘Quasi Negotiable’ i.e. title to goods can be transferred by endorsement and delivery. The last ‘Endorsee’ on the Bill of Lading can obtain delivery of the cargo from the Shipping Line. It can also be offered as collateral for finance against security of the goods. There are specific international conventions and legislations pertaining to bill of lading where the rights and immunities of the interested parties are clearly spelt out.

Important Contents:
•    Types of Transport Documents
•    Duties and liabilities of carrier under Bill of Lading
•    Rights and Immunities
•    The Parties to a Bill of Lading
•    Certain terms used in a Bill of Lading
•    Negotiable Bill of Lading
•    Transhipment
•    Types of Bills of Lading
•    Terms Used Specifically in Charter Shipping
•    Conference Liner Vessel
•    Multimodal Transport Document (MTD) / Combined Transport Document (CTD)
•    Check List for Bill of Lading (Brief Details)

ISBN – 13 : 978-8193434505

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