Bituminous Road Constuction in India

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Book Description

This is the first-ever text-cum-reference book in India on “Bituminous Road Construction”. It includes references to the codes and specifications of the Indian Roads Congress and the Bureau of Indian Standards, besides the international standards such as ASTM and AASHTO.

This book provides a thorough knowledge of bituminous road construction such as bitumen; aggregate; mix design; special mixes, for example, stone matrix asphalt, warm mix asphalt, and ready-made pothole mix; structural design of flexible pavements; asphalt production and construction; distresses in asphalt pavements; maintenance and rehabilitation of asphalt pavements including recycling; and interesting investigations of premature failure of asphalt pavements across the world. It includes numerous simple, practical, and illustrative examples, and a large number of photographs for easy comprehension of the subject matter.

This book has been designed to serve as a text for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Civil Engineering for the courses on Highway Materials including Testing Laboratory; Asphalt Mix Design; Highway Construction and Maintenance; Highway Pavement Failures; and Design of Flexible Pavements. Since over 95% of highways have a bituminous surface, this book is also an ideal reference book for thousands of practicing highway engineers who are engaged in the most ambitious highway construction program ever in India. Cutting-edge technology on bituminous road construction included in the book helps M.Tech and Ph.D. students in conducting research in this field and prepares them to implement their knowledge in real-life practice.