Documents in Foreign Trade

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In Foreign Trade parties desire timely supply and safe transportation of contract goods/services as per the specification. So, according to country Regulations, certain documents are required to regulate and monitor the transaction. By considering all of this there is an essential requirement of documentation for all who are want to involve in Import -Export. The Author explains an all-around understanding of all the documents which is required in Foreign Trade.

This book will help you in detail with how to prepare a document, draft for the same, how many copies are required, how many types of discrepancies may be there and how to solve the same.

So, go for the book it helps you to be a successful the Exporters, ImportersBankers, Insurers, Shippers and it is the same way help you to the students who are either dealing in or studying the foreign business.

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    Kishor Bhatt


    Mr. Kishor H Bhatt is B. Com. (Hons.), LL.B., C.A.I.I.B. and a Chartered Member of The Chartered ...

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