eBay Inventory the Smart Way: How to Find Great Sources and Manage Your Merchandise to Maximize Profits on the Worlds #1 Auction Site Paperback – Import, 1 March 2006

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Book Description

eBay Inventory the Smart Way is the first book to look exclusively at the most profitable strategies for finding reliable suppliers and marketable products to sell on eBay

The book covers more than 25 types of inventory sources—including liquidators and closeouts, local retailers, national and local wholesalers, drop shippers, and more—and tells how to find and profit from each.

Whether buying in bulk, sourcing one item at a time, or establishing a powerful inventory management system, both established online retailers and newcomers will find this book indispensable.

Key features


  • A recent A.C. Nielsen study reports the # 1 concern of eBay sellers is what to sell and how to find suppliers
  • The number of eBay sellers keeps growing! 1.5 million people say they supplement their income by selling on eBay
  • In addition to Sinclair’s status as “the” eBay author, co-author Hanks is an expert in online auction inventory. At eBay Live this past June, the product sourcing session was the biggest draw of all the opening meetings, and Hanks was featured as a key expert