FEMA and Export-Import

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The FEMA, 1999 is a base Act. It provides for powers to authorities like Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Reserve Bank of India, Foreign Exchange Dealers’ Association of India, Customs and Enforcement Authorities, etc., to frame Rules and Procedures for the application and enforcement of FEMA provisions. The export – import business in India is governed under FEMA. It is therefore, very much essential for all those who are eager to enter into the export – import trade to keep in mind that in spite of large scale Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) steps after 1990 in the Indian Economy, the Foreign Trade is under Foreign Exchange Management Act, (FEMA) 1999. A systematic study and appropriate application of such FEMA provisions shall help an enterprise to successfully complete the export-import transactions in India.

Important Contents:
•    Importance of Exports
•    Types of the Exporters
•    Export Promotion Measures by Reserve Bank Of India and Government Of India
•    Time Limit for Settlement of Import Payments
•    Incentives for Export Promotion
•    Various types of Duties / Taxes / Cess
•    Registration Requirements
•    Exports of Goods and Service
•    Project Exports and Service Exports
•    Validity of Import License
•    Time Limit for Settlement of Import Payments
•    Import of Foreign Exchange / Indian Rupees
•    Import Factoring


ISBN – 13 : 978-8193458020

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