How to Kill Your b/oss and Get Away with It : A Step by Step Guide to Digitally Transforming Your Organization

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Book Description

Digital transformation has long been making waves in every industry vertical. Moreover, given the consistent pace of innovation, businesses are placing ‘Digital Transformation’ at the forefront by investing in next-generation technologies. But what does ‘digital transformation’ mean for a business? How do companies implement this concept and strategies to benefit their customers as well as employees?
In an era of data overload, there’s information aplenty, but most books lack clarity on HOW to digitally transform an organization. Various consultancy companies offer their services to help organizations undergo change, but they do not share extensive information on how to start, facilitate and manage this change for a successful transformation.
How to Kill Your b/oss and Get Away with It is a book intended for tech leaders, CTOs or CIOs who are ready to embark, or have already embarked, on a digital transformation journey but are unsure of how to navigate. It is a thought-provoking book for leaders who want to lead innovatively in today’s economy but are struggling to attain desired results.
With a wealth of practical insights, it is a creative handbook for professionals seeking to reinvent themselves and innovatively drive their practices. This book acts as a comprehensive guide on how to implement clear and coherent digital strategies, using the FUTBAL methodology to compete more effectively in a technology-driven world.

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