IBO-5 International Marketing Logistics

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IBO-5 International Marketing Logistics


Block- 1 International Marketing, Logistic System
Unit-1 Introduction to Marketing Logistics/System
Unit-2 International Marketing Strategies and Logistics
Unit-3 Inland Transport in Overseas Trade Logistics
Unit-4 Warehousing
Unit-5 Inventory Management and Order Handling

Block- 2 International Transport System
Unit-6 Air Transport
Unit-7 Ocean Transport
Unit-8 Multi-Modalization
Unit-9 World Seaborne Trade and World Shipping
Unit-10 Indian Shipping

Block- 3 International Freighting Practices
Unit-11 Liner Freighting Practices
Unit-12 Tramp Chartering Practices
Unit-13 Legal Aspects of Carriage of Goods

Block- 4 Port Systems and Institutional Arrangement
Unit-14 Port Systems
Unit-15 Maritime Frauds and Unethical Practices
Unit-16 Institutional Arrangements for Resolving Shippers’ Problems
Exam Oriented Questions

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