International Freight Forwarding – A complete handbook

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International Cargo Movement or International Freight Forwarding as it is known popularly has been undertaken since times immemorial. The nomenclature and systems have developed over the years. It has been an important subject, always, but did not receive the societal recognition it deserves. The introduction of the Inland Container Depots and Air Cargo Complexes across the country enabled many new entrepreneurs and created a new workforce. The pace of development was not met with commensurate training and skill updation. This gap is noticed in the daily execution of Freight Forwarding across the country.

This book is an entry-level guide for all connected to International Freight Forwarding. It is based on Author’s experiences which may not truly cover all aspects as experienced across the country. It is a faithful interpretation of his understandings.

So, go for the book, this will enable users to execute their daily work in a more structured and compliant manner.

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    Samir J Shah


    Mr. Samir J Shah passed his Partners Exam for Custom House Agents in 1984 at the young age of 23....

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