International Trade Finance for MSMEs

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In countries like India, where there is a density of population and scarcity of financial resources, the MSMEs, and international business is the crucial aspects for the economy. Collectively, they provide large scale employment, finished goods to the population, ancillaries to the large industries and precious foreign exchange to the country. They need a small amount of capital and are environment friendly.


With the call of Prime Minister – 'Vocal for Local' has given a further boost to the sector.


However, the sector suffers from a shortage of finance, lack of training opportunities, infrastructure and modernization problems. On the background of such a situation, the publication of this book is really a step towards major help to the sector. Looking at the language problem, the author has ventured to publish the book in English as well as Gujarati. The details in the book are provided in brief. However, for the interested readers, the supporting publications on the subject.

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    Kishor Bhatt


    Mr. Kishor H Bhatt is B. Com. (Hons.), LL.B., C.A.I.I.B. and a Chartered Member of The Chartered ...

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