Knowledge Book on Regulation 6 Exam preparation

  • 4800/- Including Courier

Book Description

This book is for numerous aspirants applying for Regulation 6 Examination under Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations.
Utmost efforts have been made to keep it simple, easy to read and understand.

The book covers:
• A note from Industry Expert fro Regulation 6 Examinee
• Tips on preparation for exam
• Do’s & Dont’s while attempting the Exam under Regulation 8 of the CBrLR 2004
• Outline on the syllabus of exam
• Sample Questions asked in previous CBrLR Exams
• Format of draft Answers crafted by Industry experts
• Citizens Charter – CBEC
• Glossary of International Customs Terms – WCO
• A few Important Abbreviations
• Know Your Customs (KYC) norms for identification of clients by CHA’s
• PN Authorised Economic Operator
• Overview of Customs Role in WCO & WTO
• Customs Act
• Process of Customs Clearance for Import
• Process of Customs Clearance for Export
• Important Regulations and Rules
• Rules for Baggage
• Levy of Duty & Customs Tariff
• Customs Valuation
• Control Over Conveyances
• Rules for Warehousing
• Note on Drawback
• Refunds
• Settlement Commission
• Additional Documents