Logistics in International Business: 1 Paperback – 1 January 2007

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Indian economy is growing at 6-7 percent per annum and with it, there is growth in the percentage of disposable income with Indian middle class. In addition, banks are offering attractive instruments like credit cards and personal loans to the consumers. All this is translating into larger demand for consumer durable and nondurable products in Indian market. Also with the growth in the economy, there is an increasing demand for imported raw materials, consumables and finished products. Exports are also rising as demand for Indian products is increasing in the overseas markets. All these developments are creating more and more demand for logistics services. One of the constraints faced by India is the logistics cost which is about 14 percent of its GDP, as against 9.5 percent in USA and 7.5 percent in Europe. To bridge this gap and to reduce the transaction cost, Indian government is investing about US $ 30 billion annually on improving the logistics infrastructure. This investment still trails behind that of USA and China and is set to increase in future to provide better connectivity to India with rest of the world. There is already an increasing demand for trained logistics professionals which is bound to increase further with the expanding operations of ports, airports, shipping lines, airlines, inland container depots, logistics service providers etc. This book covers various aspects of logistics in international business. It is useful for the students of logistics, supply chain management, international business, materials management etc. An attempt is made to extensively cover the syllabi of MBA, MIB and MFT courses of various Universities and renowned institutes. Practicing managers in the logistics and supply chain management areas would also find this book ideal for their reference.

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