Logistics Management by Ganapathi (Author), Nandi (Author)


Book Description

Logistics Management is a comprehensive textbook designed to meet the requirements of postgraduate management students specializing in Operations or International Business. Written in a student-friendly style, it describes the theory extensively and provides numerous figures and exhibits showcasing managerial aspects of Logistics Management.

The book is divided into 4 parts. Part I, Introduction to Logistics and Integration, introduces the basic concepts of Logistics, its relevance, and relation with supply chain management in both, national and international scenarios. Part II, Logistics Delivery and Fulfilment, covers unitization, palletization, and containerization along with various forms of transport including surface, marine, and air. This section also deals with material handling and the role of ports in facilitating international logistics. Following this, Part III, Logistics Documentation and Processes, includes chapters on the role of customs in regulating international trade, insurance, and processes of documentation related to domestic and international trade. The concluding section, Part IV, Logistics Strategy, and SCM, provides discussions on system planning, warehousing, inventory management, and technology in logistics.

With the inclusion of real-life case studies in the Indian context and written in a simple manner, this book will be useful for students and young professionals.