Training Consultancy in Supply Chain

JBSAPL as a Pan-India established academy of logistics & management offers to assist organisations to identify gaps, improve performances, maximize the impact of partnerships and networks. Also, enables focusing on sustainable results in organization wide projects and programmes.

When you are looking for more and deeper knowledge in either domain related or soft skills especially in SCM, Logistics, Ports, Freight Forwarding, Shipping & Customs related subjects, you may call upon the specialists of JBSAPL. Our experts have provided advisory support for years.

JBSAPL experts are also prepared to coach individuals and groups to help and achieve your specific professional result or goal. The purpose of the coaching is to support learning and help people moving forward. Keeping an eye on what you want to achieve, JBSAPL experts will venture to trigger you with provocative questions.

JBSAPL can facilitate workshops, annual retreats, stakeholder platforms and events. JBSAPL experts thoroughly understand group dynamics and know how to achieve maximum involvement of participants.

You may also connect with us for the design of a successful workshop or event and we will balance fun and the achievement of common goals for you.

If genuine learning takes place, accountability follows. Therefore, JBSAPL training and consultancy provides evaluation training, related consultancy services where learning is the principal focus.

JBSAPL can help you to plan, manage and evaluate small and large-scale Training Development projects/programmes by applying relevant quality standards with using applicable, participatory, practical and adaptable tools.

JBSAPL's project management competencies are based on many years of practice combined with knowledge and experience by currently proven and established project management methods.

Catalyst of Organisational change

JBSAPL is capable in making organizational change smoother and more effective for Freight Forwarders, Logistic Service Providers and for Pan India basis. Our endeavor creates a leaner organization for more output and also help in developing belongingness, ownership and aligning with the values of the organization.

JBSAPL can create mutually agreed on OD interventions, organization-wide development in:

  • Staff excellence
  • Compliance angle in processes followed
  • Aligning integrity of the organisation with that of the staff
  • People engagement / relationship building
  • Longevity of staff
  • Realisation of staff output